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Change Coaching: TEAM

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Key Coaching Areas ⎮ Whats in it for your TEAM?

Increase your TEAM'S impact:

Improving the team’s dynamic, performing in synergy together to allow sustainable results

Communication & Values:

Define or change your team’s culture, open up for a transparent feedback culture. Push the unconscious bias and learn how to communicate with each other respectfully, especially in a diverse team. Get in sync on how you want to progress as one team and reach your desired results.

Cohesion & Dynamic:

Improve the team’s dynamic, during times of crisis and transformation. Get rid of excess internal competition that hinders high performance and supreme results. Motivate each other, while working remotely at different locations and time zones.

Format ⎮How to work together with your team?

1:1  B2B

•  Via video call or in person with the team members

•  Workshop

•  Impulse talk

Scope ⎮ What's in it?

•  Your individual in-depth assessment

•  Your root-cause-based approach

Scope ⎮ What's not?

•   No one fits all approach or process

•   No copy paste

Why ⎮Choosing me as your Coach!

Experience: Knowledge of corporate pitfalls: As experienced leader in the corporate environment, I know what works and what is just ‚nice' theory, but is not applicable in the real world. Thus I work with an experience-based, practical approach

Individual: We create your personal & authentic best-fit approach

Innovative and unique coaching approach combining ancient meditative transition techniques and modern interventions: Taking the best from the best: tradition and modern science approaches, to let you strive / accelerate towards your goals.

International: Extensive intercultural and international corporate experience

Flexibility: No time to go somewhere? No problem. I work remotely: Before you start your working day, after-hours -whenever we find the best time for your development

Motivation: Positive, empowering and motivating working atmosphere