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Change Consulting

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Why change?

Increase the impact on your BUSINESS:

Building up the innovative power to sustain the changing business environment. Get your change sparrings-partner to co-create visions and implementation. Be supported with additional capacity during challenging change moments. Get the structure to endure building up your new business idea.

Think Forward

Inspiration & Innovation:

While being absorbed in daily business, finding new approaches and solutions is highly challenging. Only 2-5% of the Top Management's time is accorded to strategic thinking… shall be more?

Get more: Gain extra inspiration, expertise as well as capacity to innovate and develop solutions together. Create new approaches that match the new Now.

See Clear

Create & Structure:

You create the best ideas while talking? Use the dialog process to co-create in a secure space. Get your ideas structured, challenged and enhanced by an additional perspective. Get your personal sounding board: Develop a solid concept and roll-out plan before introducing it to your organization.

Frame your vision and know how to transport it.

Get Through

Excellence under pressure:

Especially in high pressure moments performance is key. You are lacking time to deeply think through a topic or process? Having to handle too much priority 1‘ topics? You know this can be risky. Minimize that risk and get your extra brain capacity to deliver the results up to your standards.

Get the brains together to co-create solutions and deliver more.

Start Fresh

New business: Get your new business started. You have this reoccurring business idea and you are somehow stuck in bringing it forward? Indulge in a motivating frame to bring your idea up to speed, build the business plan and kick-start.

Get your individual empowering support system: Start-up-Sparrings-Partner and Network to bring your Baby alive.

Scope ⎮ What's in it?

Your micro-team Partner for fresh ideas

Your backup pair of eyes and extra brain

Scope ⎮ What's not?

•  No Consulting smartass mentality:
YOU know your business best


•  No copy paste approach

USP ⎮ Why working with me?

Digital: I am not a digital native, it is my second language - so I know to bridge the two worlds to create the synergy to move forward. Strategic and operational know how of digital solutions.

Innovation: Mixing current approaches for the new Now and broad international insights from different sectors and industries as potential benchmarks we find your unique strategic direction.

Practical: With my business background as Manager and Leader in big international corporates: I know what is nice theory and what is working within the corporate landscape

Mindset: I capture complex situations, have the ability to structure and break-down to the core to get the essence of what is needed.

Flexible: We find the time and place to work together. After-hours -what time fits best your busy schedule.

International: My working languages are English, German, French and Spanish. Extensive intercultural and international corporate experience


Process⎮How to work together?

Get your change support visible or hidden: You choose. The target is to help you increase your impact for you as a leader in a challenging business environment or for your business moving forward, anticipating the new Now.


Via video call or in person, flexible timing and after-hours possible.

We will find a time, that fits your busy schedule.


Get your external firefighter who points out the uncomfortable spots without you sabotaging your internal image. Let me take the role to state the painful facts while supporting you to stand clear, especially in a highly political environment.

Formats: Workshops, steering of critical meetings.

Lets find out what you need.


Get your hidden personal support. Especially during high pressure times where there is even less capacity to step back, review and challenge the own ideas. Secure yourself and your position while delivering excellence in crucial moments.  Minimize the risk to miss something out.

Get your backup pair of eyes and extra brain.